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Our olive tree,
the holy tree

The origin of the olive tree is lost in the legends and traditions of Mediterranean people. Greek mythology links the appearance of the first wild olive tree with Hercules, who brought and planted the sacred tree in Olympia, and olive oil with Aristaus, the god of agricultural production, who invented the first oil mill in the ancient world.

From the olive,
to the oil,

“Liquid gold”, Homer called it, Hippocrates called it “great healer”, who recommended it as a medicine for many illnesses and diseases. At first, it was used as a valuable nutritional food, then for personal hygiene and primarily for therapeutic use. Its uses over the centuries vary in nutritional, healing and ornamental.

The large sunshine favors the concentration of aromatic ingredients in the oil.

Who we are

Our company comprised of a group of young people with an appetite and passion for creating an excellent, high-quality product, such as olive oil. Our goal is … >>

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