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Ellive oil is produced in the area of Ancient Olympia, on its sand dunes-partially mountainous – Vrina Ilias. It is a Koronean olive oil, with an unripe, fruity taste that lasts. It gives you a pleasant bitterness and a distinctive spicy savor aftertaste.

Bottle 250 ml ELLIVE

Ellive, extra virgin olive oil, the most distinguish among its peers. It is produced from olive trees planted in certified farms. The olives for oil production are harvested unripe and by hand in early autumn. On the same day, the olives are cold-pressed. It is stored in completely monitored conditions. It is bottled according to the highest standards and remains unchangeable for a long time. In that way the olive oil preserves its rich flavor and its organoleptic characteristics. Combined with green salads, boiled greens and vegetables, fish or meat, it is an inspiration for great recipes of surprising flavors.

Gift Package 100 ml ELLIVE

An extra-virgin olive oil with an intense fruity taste of the unripe olive fruit and with a spicy taste that gives a brief pleasant burn to the esophagus. It is the purest olive oil, with the lowest acidity, the best in the world when it comes to quality. The unripe olives for oil production, which we harvest in the mid-October, are rich in aroma and nutrients. The olives are cold pressed on the same day and the olive oil is stored in well-qualified tanks, inside dark and cool places. Its golden color along with the fruity taste of medium intensity and the remarkable after-taste is what makes this olive oil exceptional. It is tasty combined with strong flavors, on meat, grilled fish, vegetables. It is the exquisite virgin olive oil “Ellive”.

Wooden stand Ellive

The wooden tabletop stand with Led lighting is considered suitable for selected Ellive products. Its design will impress anyone who gazes upon it and it is an original decorating idea for every premium accommodation or delicatessen.

Woodbox Ellive 250 ml

The handcrafted wooden box of Ellive is designed to keep the Ultra-Premium virgin olive oil of 250ml. It is an ideal and exceptionally innovative gift that you can buy from premium liquor stores and delicatessens. It represents the most valuable good of the Greek land, the olive oil. It is a distinguished gift for colleagues and friends, thanks to its design.

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